By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

February 01, 2022


Sals Star of the Week:  Leah Gilmour (introduced by Lisa Bowen)

Last week the question was asked who is your personal Sal’s Star?

Though I have many personal Sal’s Stars, the one that stands out in my mind today is not only a daughter, a sister, a mother, a fitness nut, a baker, a comedienne, a nurse/coworker, a leader, an advocate, a terrible mathematician, plus so many more but also someone I call a friend. 

I have worked with this amazing person for many years.  She has been a sounding board to me as I bounce off of her the good and not so good reasons for some life changing experiences both personal and professional.  We have enjoyed many cups of some “Sassy” tea but she has also been there to lean on in times of need.  I see her as one of my daughters or sisters- we both feel free to express how we are feeling- the good, the bad and the ugly can be spoken.

She is a mother to two amazing kids but also a “mother to many on the unit”.   She has “a sometimes mother, always a leader hat on”. As a bedside RN, she was a mentor to all, approachable and very much a teacher.  Instead of telling someone how to do something, she was and continues to question, teach and coach out where the resources can be found- helping staff to grow and become more confidant in their abilities.  She is always welcoming to new staff, trying to make them feel comfortable in a sometime uncomfortable, “never been to this unit before” situation.

A fitness nut- she has taken up attending the gym which has helped her cope and deal with life’s challenges and to help deal with a stressful career (but also being a baker, she needs to work off some of those treats!) She can be seen “doing the stairs” during her breaks to get in a bit of cardio throughout the day and often has staff members joining her.

She advocates daily!  For the patients and our staff, ensuring that the patient’s or the families’ voices are heard.  There are so many ways in which she does this on a daily basis, that she doesn’t even realize that she is doing it!  Ensuring tests are ordered, that patients are prepared for surgery or for discharge, encouraging all to attend rounds so everyone is on the same page.  But she is also aware of the situation happening throughout the hospital- She is able to see the whole picture- calling other units to transfer patients to us and offering staff to other areas while ensuring that our unit is safe are just two examples. Hospital supervisors have often commented to me that she is a great resource to have and I agree!

Bringing some laughter to work- she is able to see the bright side of things, has a dry sense of humor and tries to lift the spirits of the staff with funny comments, sharing stories that have happened over her career and also her experiences of “going back to school” with her kids- it is still not helping her math skills!!

Can I pick one thing, that stands out?  No, there are too many and they all blend into one another to make up this week’s Sal’s Star. 

Please share a round of applause for this week’s Sal Star- Leah Gilmour.

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