By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

November 01, 2021


Sals Star of the Week:  Dianna Erwin  (introduced by Scott MacKenzie)

This week’s Sals Star is Dianna Erwin from the Department of Anesthesia at St. Boniface Hospital.

Dianna began working in Anesthesia in 2013 as an Administrative Secretary. She became an Administrative Assistant in 2019 supporting the Anesthesia Site Lead at SBH. Dianna also plays a critical role in the provincial wide scheduling of anesthesia consultants which is a huge undertaking with many moving parts. The Cardiac Sciences Program is fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and committed individual in this role.

The majority of Cardiac Anesthesiologists work at different sites and in different subspecialties such as critical care, administration and cardiac ultrasound. Dianna ensures there are enough consultants on a daily basis to staff the cardiac operating rooms, the EP lab and the ICCS. This is no small feat with multiple sites involved, pre/post call days to consider and physicians working in other subspecialty areas. Dianna works with other schedulers in the region to ensure a stable and consistent cardiac anesthesia manpower supply.

Dianna is extremely dedicated in her role and recently came in to work on her vacation to pick up the shortfall created by the absence of another secretary. Dianna loves dogs, Halloween and a good laugh. It truly is a pleasure to work with and have support from such a skilled and hard working person.

Congratulations Dianna!

This Week’s Faculty Publications

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I hope you are staying safe and healthy.