By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

August 03, 2021


Sals Stars of the Week: Johann Strumpher (introduced by Rakesh Arora)

Johann Strumpher completed his Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine and Cardiac Anesthesia at the University of Manitoba in 2007. He started as a consultant in the ICCS there afterwards and in 2016, he became the co-director of the unit. In 2020 has co-lead a perioperative service on the CSIU where is has worked tirelessly to contributed to the ongoing care of the postoperative patients with the CR4 team.

In this role, Johann has facilitated ongoing collaboration with the cardiac surgeons, CR4 team and surgical trainees to ensure optimal medical and surgical management of an increasingly complex patient population as they transition from the ICU to the ward and eventually to their home in the community.  In addition, Johann has taken on the additional task of collecting granular data on patients require ICU and hospital re-admission to identify opportunities for improvement to further contribute to the excellent care our perioperative team provides for our patients. On behalf of the Section of Cardiac Surgery I would like to acknowledge all of the efforts he has undertaken this past year and to congratulate Johann on this well-deserved recognition.

This Week’s Faculty Publications

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I hope you are staying safe and healthy.