By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

July 24, 2022


Sal’s Stars of the Week: Trina Toro from NICT

(Introduced by Linda McLean)

Trina is currently a General Duty Cardiology Technologist in NICT who works in the Stress Lab as well as EKG. Trina came to Winnipeg in April of 2014 to work at Seven Oaks then later at HSC. We were fortunate to hire her permanently in December of 2014. Trina exemplifies the many quality dimensions of teamwork. Trina self-initiates assistance wherever she finds a gap and always steps up with a positive demeanor for task assistance no matter what the job at hand is. When we are short staffed, Trina has shifted her schedule to accommodate whatever we can use to ensure staffing levels with a pleasant helpful attitude. In addition, when there are staffing deficiencies Trina stays late or arrives early to assist with the workload so that her co-workers do not have to work alone. 

When providing orientation in Stress Lab to colleagues or students she is detail oriented, takes time  and provides complete explanations and background making her a sought out mentor in this area. Whenever Trina finds herself questioning a process or determining the correct action or strategy to follow, she seeks clarification from appropriate sources and then coaches out the resulting information to improve practices in the department. Trina challenges herself to always pursue excellence and provide the best care possible to all of her patients. When faced with intimidating circumstances Trina uses a logical approach and advocates for her patients, looks to use Team Stepps and enhance her communication and faces challenges with courage and optimism. She continues to challenge herself to grow as a technologist and as a person.

Trina has served her fellow Cardiology Technologists in the role of the MACT treasurer over multiple terms, and kindly offered to stay involved to mentor the incoming rookie in order to preserve and pass on the knowledge she has gained in the new systems that have been implemented during her tenure. Trina has guided the MACT Board of Directors for timelines and policy review and updates throughout her service and is appreciated by the board for her expertise. She maintains contact with the provincial technologists and administers the accounts and financial statements for the Association. She is humble and unassuming with a kind heart and generous spirit and one of the many terrific techs in the NICT department who deserve this recognition.

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