By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

December 15, 2021


Sals Star of the Week: Vanessa Jaillet  (introduced by Linda McLean)

Vanessa came to us at SBH in 2011, interested in a career as a Cardiology Technologist. She enrolled in BCIT, and completed her practicum with our team. Graduating in 2013 and successful in her CSCT registration exams she continued to seek out opportunities for growth and experience. One of only a few technologists with expertise in all areas and test types of NICT, Vanessa was instrumental in creating standard work for SICD Stress patients and developing orientation checklists and plans. She excels at process improvements, questioning redundancies and waste, offers alternatives and assists in implementing change.

Vanessa was the lead instructor for Stenberg College Lab blocks for Stress Testing teaching for a number of years, mentoring students and holding them to a high standard to prepare them for success. She shows integrity and stands up for her principles and values with a focus on delivering quality patient care. Vanessa knows her strengths and uses them to support the team while recognizing her weaknesses and strives to improve them. Coupled with excellent clinical skills and critical thinking abilities she is sought out as a preceptor and mentor by colleagues and students alike. Never one to let the Christmas spirit elude us in the day-to-day business of healthcare, she has taken on organizing our NICT Christmas party on several occasions!

Always an early bird, Vanessa goes above and beyond to assist using her time well and being able to calmly pitch in whenever there is a need. She rolls up her sleeves and has a ‘get it done’ attitude. In our recent crisis with no clerks, Vanessa jumped in as a quick study to accomplish getting all the Holter results out in an afternoon. Vanessa does not run from challenges, but rises to them.

A star – when all is dark, it shines, it is something to look up to, something to guide us.

Vanessa Jaillet has been our star, one of a constellation of many that make up the NICT.

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