By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

January 03, 2022


Sals Star of the Week: Natasha Esau (introduced by Sara Unrau)

This week’s Sals Star is Natasha Esau.

Her kind, quiet leadership in ICCS is appreciated by all, colleagues and students alike. Over the last few months she has demonstrated a “can do” attitude to provide the best care to all of our patients. This was evident when she was recently in charge, with a full unit, staffing issues and limited flow.

In order to accommodate cardiac surgery cases, Natasha offered to take on a patient as well as maintain her charge responsibilities during her shift. Patients and families also routinely express appreciation of her compassion and care in all that she does.

In her downtime and to rejuvenate, Natasha goes to Churchill to kayak with the beluga whales. On top of being an excellent nurse, she is also an avid photographer taking nature pictures that are used in the sympathy cards for our grief baskets, which are handed to families in situations of comfort care. Her work is evident, even when she is not here in person.

Please join me in congratulating Natasha as this week’s Sals Star.

Congratulations to members of our Cardiac Sciences community recognized for their years of committed service to cardiac patients in Manitoba.

From left to right; Linda McLean 40 years, Irene Ekosky 25 years, Rajinder Ghuman 20 years, Orla Nazarko 15 years, and Amanda Colvin 15 years.

This Week’s Faculty Publications

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Wishing everybody in the CSMB community a happy and healthy 2022!