By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

June 02, 2019

CSP News

Hypertension CSP Community Outreach Initiative. We would like to initiate a community outreach project to increase awareness and hopefully encourage treatment for hypertension. We invite members of the CSP community to join us in this worthwhile public service volunteer venture. One of the biggest issues in the prevention and treatment of hypertension is the high numbers of those who have high blood pressure but are unaware. On a global basis it has been estimated that the number of unaware patients with hypertension is more than 743 million! Under the leadership of Riz, the CSP community proposes to establish a community outreach program to educate individuals that live in Winnipeg about hypertension. If you are interested in being part of the initial organization and implementation of this community service effort, please email Janessa Kaus and/or Rizwan Manji to express your interest.

Shout Outs

To Kunal Minhas and the Interventional Cardiology Group for their hosting of the 1st Rotational Atherectomy Course in Canada, attended by interventionalists and cath lab staff from across Canada.

Farewell to Ope Opeyemi! It was her last day on 5A a week last Friday.

Big congrats to Mahwash Saeed who had her baby. It’s a boy!

To Basem Elbarouni, who was an invited speaker at the SCAI 2019 Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas last week.

Publications by our Faculty this Week

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