Dr. David Mymin Lipid Clinic

The Dr. David Mymin Lipid Clinic is located at the Asper Institute at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  It originated at the Health Sciences Center in 1989 under the direction of Dr. David Mymin.  The clinic is a multi-disciplinary team consisting of cardiology, endocrinology, vascular medicine, nurses, dieticians and unit clerks.


Lipid concerns or conditions assessed and managed by the clinic include:

  • Familial Hypercholesterolemia
  • Other genetic dyslipidemias
  • Medically complex or difficult to manage lipid profiles
  • Appropriateness and timing of pharmacotherapy initiation
  • Appropriateness of high cost or limited access pharmacotherapy


Along with cardiovascular risk assessment and lifestyle prescriptions, standard and advanced lipid modifying therapies can be prescribed as needed.  Supplementary resources and services include a bariatric medicine specialist and genetic counselling through partnership with Medical Genetics.



Dr. T. Nguyen

Dr. A. Junaid

Dr. P. Katz

Registered Nurses

Registered Dietician

Unit Assistant Clerks


Contact Information:

CR3100 – 369 Tache Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

R2H 2A6

phone: 204 258 1478

fax: 204 237 2076

email: SBHLipidClinic@sbgh.mb.ca


















Dr. David Mymin
(May 27, 1929 – July 21, 2021)

Dr. David Mymin founded the Lipid Clinic in 1989.  He was an outstanding cardiologist who had an impactful career that spanned over 60 years.  Through those years, he served in a number of academic and community leadership roles, making innumerable contributions to his field.  In particular, he was a national and international leader in Phytosterolemia, driven by his desire to help a large cohort located in Manitoba.  His impact on generations of Manitobans was immeasurable.  In 2021, the Lipid Clinic was renamed to honor his decades of work and to carry on his vision.