Cardiac Surgery Inpatient Unit (CR4)

Cardiac Surgery Inpatient Unit

The Cardiac Surgery Inpatient Unit (CSIU) is located on the 4th floor of the I.H. Asper Institute at St. Boniface Hospital. We are a multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals including cardiac surgeons, physician assistants, nurses and support staff that cares primarily for cardiac patients following their heart surgery and recovery post cardiac procedures.



  • Deliver high quality pre- and post-operative patient centered care to residents of Manitoba as well as parts of Nunavut and North Western Ontario
  • To provide a shared model of care to enhance recovery of our patients while in hospital as well as educating the patients and their families for a successful recovery upon discharge.
  • To provide care that focuses on the patient and family, respects their values, traditions, beliefs and wishes


  • To maintain an environment of continuous improvement to optimize patient outcomes through ongoing staff education and training, research projects, review, and maintenance of up to date patient and caregiver education materials
  • Ensure the safe transition of patients from hospital to home or transfer to a facility in their own area
  • Recognize and support the families as an integral part of the patient’s journey/experience and the important role they play in recovery



Contact Information:

Address:  369 Tache Ave, Winnipeg, MB, R2H 2A6

Phone: (204) 237-2801 

Fax: (204) 237-2803

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