By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

March 22, 2020

Mitral Rumbles – March 22 2020

It is a Captain Obvious statement that we are in a much different place than we were two weeks ago, or even last weekend, as we now head into our first week under a state of emergency. Upon reflecting on the past 2 weeks from a CSP perspective I just wanted to share 2 observations, both of which I am grateful for.

Firstly, I am truly appreciative of the work done by so many of you in developing the specifics of i) how we translate infection prevention and control policies into action on the wards, the OR and labs, and clinics and ii) the guidances for implementing the progressive reductions in cardiac services. You have responded to the call and allowed us to put together a thoughtful, rational, comprehensive and consistent set of policies that may be needed as we progress further into this tunnel. Special call out to Reid, whose diligence to the day-to-day (and night-to-night) operation of cardiac services has been monumental.

Secondly, I appreciate how quickly all of you understood and accepted the importance of acting WITHIN the community, together, and respecting the organization of that community in developing and executing the plan for providing cardiac services under pandemic conditions. Especially, for those of us who are physicians, operating within a “collective” may not be our first nature. For much of what we do, we are mostly responsible to our patients and ourselves for our actions. However, providing services in a state of emergency requires all of us to work together and especially, respect our reporting lines- sometimes deferring to decisions that we might not have made ourselves, but accepting them nonetheless when made “above our pay grade”. Your ability on a community basis, to respect the organizational structure and work together across inter-professional silos will really help us weather this difficult period that we are still on the brink of.


Congratulations to Chris Kuzminski, his wife Angela and their son Michael on the arrival of their daughter/sister Olivia Violet!

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