By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

May 09, 2020

NICT Medical Lead Council and Forum

The current oversight for NICT (i.e., Shared Health Cardiac Diagnostics) is based on the leadership model of the WRHA Cardiac Sciences Program. Although this is an efficient and nimble model for decision-making, the input of content experts in the development of the component NICT services has only been on an ad hoc and sporadic basis with very little input from experts outside of Winnipeg.

Based on the need to find a more regular structure for getting the expert advice to improve the delivery of cardiac diagnostic services across Manitoba, we have proposed the organization of the NICT Medical Lead Council. The Council would be comprised of the Medical Lead NICT (i.e., me), Associate Medical Director Cardiac Sciences Program (Colette Seifer) as well as two Cardiologists with NICT expertise from the CSP and one from Brandon. Supporting members would include NICT and DI staff including Reid Love and Kiran Singh, Anita Maric (CSP QI) and Leanne Treloar (DI). The council would convene on at least a bimonthly schedule and advise the Medical Lead on all aspects of noninvasive cardiac testing including equipment, digital support and HR. In addition, a broader grouping (NICT Medical Lead Forum) would include members of the Council and CMOs of all regions (or their designates) would meet quarterly to deal with issues related to the implementation of NICT services provincially. The expectation is that this Council/Forum structure will be operational by Q2 2020.

In conjunction with this new NICT physician advisory structure, there will be a reorganization of the Medical Directorship model for Cardiology Diagnostics (EKG/Holter, echo and stress) to better align with the new provincial NICT council. Stay tuned.


Rakesh Arora joined a national panel last Wednesday in a CSCS/CCS Webinar on Cardiac Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic – A Canadian Perspective. To review this insightful session please follow the link.

The Rosé Soirée originally scheduled by SBH for June in support of the CSP was canceled but now replaced with the Rosé Soir-In– featuring at-home fine dining and musical event featuring exclusive all-Canadian talent. It will take place on May 28, 2020 virtually from the comfort of your own home. Please see the attached invitation above. Please consider supporting this event for a great evening and a great cause!

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