Intensive Care Cardiac Sciences (ICCS)


The staff of Intensive Care Cardiac Sciences (ICCS) wants you to feel at ease when you visit your loved one. We know that this can be a stressful time for you. Family and friends are an important part of the patient care team and their healing. You will be a great support and comfort to your loved one, simply by being by their bedside. A booklet has been developed to help you understand how our unit functions and what you can expect when you visit. If at any time you have any questions or need help, do not be afraid to ask. We are here for you too. 

Patient Care

Intensive Care Cardiac Sciences is a 14 bed specialized cardiac surgical intensive care unit, specializing in caring for patients immediately after cardiac surgery. We are located on the 5th floor of the I.H. Asper Institute on the St. Boniface Hospital campus.

Our patient care unit provides special “Intensive Care” for people who have heart disease, or who have had heart surgery. Majority of patients are admitted to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after heart surgery. Our ICU is called ICCS or CR5. Each patient will be continuously monitored. One nurse cares for one or two patients at a time. The team in our unit has special training for caring for the very ill. This allows them to give their patients highly skilled bedside care. 

Our unit provides around the clock care for patients. The care of each patient is managed by an Intensive Care or Anesthesia specialist in partnership with the patient’s surgeon. These doctors have special training in dealing with serious illness. As this is a teaching hospital, doctors and nurses in training may also be working in the unit. 

Our Team

Our team is comprised of nurses, doctors and other specialized healthcare professionals including: Cardiac Surgeons, Intensivists, Cardiac Anesthetists, Residents and Fellows, Program Team Manager, Clinical Resource Nurse and frontline Nursing staff, Health Care Aides, Ward/Unit Clerks, Clinical Educator, Respiratory Therapists, X-Ray Technologists, Dieticians and Pharmacists. We have a dedicated Physiotherapist and an on-site satellite Pharmacy. We also have members from Spiritual Care, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Indigenous Health Services, and medical experts from many areas dedicated to creating a cohesive plan of care for our patients. To meet the team, please visit our staff profiles.

Location and Contact Information

Address: CR5003 – 369 Taché Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R2H 2A6
Phone: (204) 237-2061 
Fax: (204) 235-3553 
Program Team Manager: 204-258-1298
Patient Relations 

Visiting Hours

Please visit visitor information, or speak to anyone of the ICCS staff for visiting hours information.


There are special parking rates for family of long-term stay patients. For details and special rates, please visit visitor information and parking information.

What to Expect

Information about your surgery, your treatments and care, and important information about your follow-up care and recovery after your surgery are included below. Please ask your care team if you have any questions about any of this information, or if you would like more information.

Patient Guide to Heart Surgery PDF BOOKLET

Your Heart Your Health: A Patient’s Guide to Heart Surgery
This 20 minute patient education video gives information on preparing for heart surgery. Clinical experts from various areas (such as nursing, medicine, physiotherapy and pharmacy) made this video based on current practice and the latest evidence. The video includes information about how your heart works, coronary artery bypass grafting, heart valve surgery, planning for recovery, healthy lifestyle choices, cardiac rehabilitation and what to expect before, during and after your surgery and back at home.


Moving Safely After Heart SurgeryPatient/Family Material PDF

Important information and specific instructions about your procedure are available here:

Your Stay in the ICCS and Discharge


Your stay in the ICCS may be less than 24-hours or may be longer (a couple or a few days) depending on your condition and the care you require. The care team will monitor your progress and once you are ready to be transferred, you will be discharged from the ICCS and transferred to the Cardiac Surgery Inpatient Unit (called CSIU or CR4). The CSIU care team will continue to provide the hospital care you need before you go home.

Going Home After Your Surgery

Top view of anonymous female athlete in black leggings and sneakers unfolding blue mat for exercising on floor near dumbbells and water bottle in modern fitness center

When you return home for your recovery, in addition to the above listed resources and your health care team and providers, there are many resources and supports available to you in the community. After surgery patients are referred and encouraged to participate in a Cardiac Rehabilitation (Cardiac Rehab) program. Cardiac Rehab is a great way to learn about your heart health, to stay active, and offers support for a healthy lifestyle.