By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

February 07, 2021

Shout Outs!

Sals Star of the Week: Janet Kang!
Introduced by Dan Quinn

Janet Kang

Though I of course wish I could recognize and give the gift of Salisbury House food to everyone I work with, for this week’s Sals Star I would like to recognize a very deserving recipient in Janet Kang. Janet is a nurse on 5A, and I have been fortunate enough to work with Janet ever since I started on the unit. Janet is a kind and compassionate person, exuding quiet competence and a calm and supportive manner appreciated by patients and her colleagues alike. Janet is a strong leader and an excellent mentor to less experienced staff, and she is currently working as a preceptor for a senior practicum student from UofM

This past week Janet and her student identified potential COVID-like symptoms in one of their patients. Acting quickly, this patient was immediately swabbed, isolated, and eventually transferred to the appropriate unit when the swab came back positive. This combination of early detection of these symptoms through thorough assessment skills, critical thinking, and taking rapid action likely prevented an outbreak on our unit. Instead of a potential disaster the outcome was a safe transfer and zero transmission of COVID to any other patient or staff member. Care and respect for patients is always at the forefront of Janet’s nursing practice, with the patient in question feeling supported and like his questions were answered, despite the stressful situation.

Though this is just one isolated example of the approach Janet takes every day with every patient encounter, Janet also managed this situation while working collaboratively with her student, turning this event into a teachable moment to help foster these skills in the next generation of nurses in our program. Thank you to Janet for saving the day last week, and for your ongoing commitment to sharing your knowledge, training those who will one day work alongside you, and for your dedication to great care for patients in our program!

Ann Staren

Ann Staren, Unit Assistant in the Cardiac Clinics, is retiring after 39 years of service. Annie has worked in several areas within St. Boniface Hospital including Family Medical Center, ACF Medicine and Surgery, and Cardiac Clinics. Wishing Ann all the best in her retirement!

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