Rosanne Labossiere-Gee


Rosanne Labossiere-Gee

Program Team Manager

Clinical Areas:
Acute Coronary Care Unit (ACCU)


I started my nursing career at the age of 5, when I bandaged every Barbie I had to play with. Since none of my patients complained, I knew from then on that I wanted to pursue my studies in nursing. I graduated from the St. Boniface School of Nursing in 1990, and have practiced as a registered nurse at St. Boniface Hospital ever since. I have held a variety of positions, and as a resource nurse I worked in many programs such as: Emergency, Medicine, Surgery, Geriatrics; Psychiatry and Post-partum. In 1997 I received my Nursing Baccalaureate with distinction, and in 2000 I graduated from the Adult Intensive Care Course, (now known as WCCNEP). I had called the Medical Intensive Care and Coronary Care Unit my home, until I moved over to the Cardiac Sciences Program in January 2005 where I became the Clinical Resource Nurse for the Cardiac clinics. I received the Excellence in Clinical Nursing Practice award in 2008, I am certified in CNA’s Cardiovascular Nursing since 2007, and I was the recipient of the Critical Care Nurse of the Year award from CACCN in 2018. I graduated from the WRHA Management Certificate program in 2011, and I have been a Program Team Manager at St. Boniface since then. I currently manage the Acute Cardiac Care Unit (ACCU) and the Critical Care Resource Team, CCRT at St. Boniface Hospital.