By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

April 11, 2021

Stars & Award Winners

Sals Stars of the Week: Presented by Colette Seifer.

This weeks ‘stars’ are from cardiology. They can be found day and night, 24/7 at SBH. You see them on 5ASouth, ACCU, ICCS, PARR, 6ASouth, ED, 6E, CR4, Y2, CR1. CODE STEMI? They are there. CARDIOGENIC SHOCK? They are there. Another heart failure admission in the ED? They are there. Bradycardia and need a temporary TVP? They are there. Need a cardiology consult on 4A stepdown, 7A West, McEwen, 2B? They are there. They join committees, they lead teaching rounds, they are educators, learners and workers. Have a research study? They are there. Page cardiology? Page CCU? They are there.

Who are they? The Cardiology Residents!

The Cardiology Residents!

Over the past year, we have all experienced significant changes to our workplace. There are multiple new protocols to learn and follow, ever changing bed maps for our patients, and many layers of protective gear to navigate. Residency is already a challenging time, trying to acquire as much knowledge as possible to ensure exam success while working a full time job plus on-call responsibilities and then an added unprecedented pandemic!

Our residents in cardiology have graciously risen to the challenge. They are our frontline staff without whom we would not be able to provide the exceptional level of care that our patients receive. They are an outstanding group of professionals who are not only the Sals Stars of the Week but are our stars of the past year and are most deserving of this recognition.

Congratulations to our annual Teaching Award  Winners!

Congratulations to our Scholarship Day Award Winners!

For those of you who missed, it our virtual edition of this year’s Scholarship Day was widely viewed as a major success, despite challenging conditions.  The range of presentations spanned the gamut from basic research to population health to innovations in health education to knowledge translation, with contributors across all of the major disciplines within Cardiac Sciences.

Special thank you to Janessa Kaus for putting it all together and doing such a great job delivering a great program!