By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

September 01, 2019

Stepping up for patients in a system under stress. Some reflections for a rainy Labour Day weekend.

One of the things I am most proud of, being part of the CSP community, is how we are stepping upto support patients in a health care system being stretched to its limits. These stories are shared on a weekly basis in the course of our weekly Friday Huddles.  We need to be more diligent in sharing them across the community. A couple of recent examples demonstrating the outstanding work of our CSP healthcare professionals working in a multidisciplinary setting:

1. There has been a more than 50% increase in the Cardiology Unit bedmap this quarter– in the setting of a suboptimal complement of staff support (the PA hirings approved to support that expansion will not be onboard and up to speed til Q4). Notwithstanding 5A has still remained over its expanded census on most days.  Cudos to the whole health care team for stepping up their patient flow efforts.  A week ago over a 48 hr period the 5A team turned over 50 admits/discharges over a 48 hour period! 
2. Healthcare professionals across all the disciplines are stepping up to cover their units in the setting of illness and off-times.  We see that on a daily basis on all of the nursing units (especially in the CSP critical care units).  We should also note the physicians who are stepping up- on the surgery side in conjunction with our dwindling complement of operating surgeons and on the cardiology side covering for their ill colleagues.

I do see light at the end of the tunnel.  We are working through the new models of care to improve patient flow across the system. As well there are new recruits coming into the Program– among the PAs, physicians and through ongoing nursing recruitment. In the meantime, my sincere appreciation for you all for stepping up.