By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

December 01, 2018

Volume 2, Issue 47

A word on professionalism

The CSP recognizes that our fundamental mission is the care of our patients. Maintaining a safe and respectful workplace is a necessary condition for fulfilling this mission. The (pen)ultimate responsibility for ensuring this may fall to the leadership of the CSP. However, it is only by each member of the community maintaining a high standard of professionalism can we achieve and maintain a safe and respectful workplace. It is expected that we will all experience lapses in professionalism; the true measure of our professionalism is not in absolute avoidance of such situations, but in how we handle them, when they do arise. This week we saw several lapses in that high standard. There are institutional mechanisms for reporting lapses. We have encouraged the use of the RL6 system for reporting incidents where you feel intimidated or disrespected. Trainees in the program need to remember that there are additional Rady Faculty of Medicine mechanisms (the Speakup Program). However, beyond those formal processes it is particularly important for each of us to redouble our commitment to maintaining a respectful workplace. At times we have significant and important differences in our opinions relating to patient care- either on an individual case basis or on overall organization of care systems. However, we have to always remember that notwithstanding the depths of these differences, are interdependence as health care professionals means that we need to reconcile these differences safely and respectfully in order to do our jobs effectively.

Publications by our Faculty this week

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