By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

January 03, 2021

2021. A Year of New Beginnings for Cardiac Sciences Manitoba.

Last week I revisited some of the “highlights” of a once-in-a-lifetime year.  This week, as we turn the page on 2020, I have every hope that the new “chapter” of 2021 will tell the story of a year of significant positive change for the health of all Manitobans. The promise of province’s Clinical & Preventative Services Plan (CPSP) and the consequential organizational transformation we are undergoing aims to improve overall health care of Manitobans and in our context the care of cardiac patients.  The immediate effect for us has been the leadership transitions we are undergoing, with the departure of Kiran and Reid (and their roles).  However, we can expect that with service delivery organization (SDO) realignment and with the formation of a Cardiac Sciences portfolio at a provincial level within Shared Health, there will be more efficient opportunities to “provincialize” cardiac care.  We look forward to working to make the promise of CPSP’s healthcare transformation a reality with all our partners, including  all of the acute care hospitals in Winnipeg, the University of Manitoba and our community cardiology partners both within Winnipeg and beyond, through our Shared Health roles within the new provincial Cardiac Sciences entity and within NICT.

 As part of the new beginning  in 2021 we will be implementing our web site transformation this month. We hope the new website will make Cardiac Sciences resources much more accessible to both patients and health care providers and do a better job of “telling our story”. Notably it will feature our new logo. Stay tuned for the roll-out of the website, and for the evolution of Cardiac Sciences Manitoba!

In other news…..Updates to the eligibility for vaccination criteria, coming from the Government of MB (not Shared Health), seems to be evolving on an almost daily basis (and we are not consistently notified when that happens).  For latest updates please go to

This Week’s Faculty Publications

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