By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

March 29, 2022



Last week the medical training programs of Cardiac Sciences underwent PGME accreditation evaluation– among the 46 programs evaluated in the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences. Shoutouts to all of those in Cardiac Sciences who worked so hard to prepare for this process and all that you do to support our training programs.  However, special recognition for the directors of those of our programs whom achieved the highest level of accreditation, full accreditation: Nitin Ghorpade and the Cardiac Surgery Program as well as Basem Elbarouni  and the Interventional Cardiology Program. Congratulations!

Sals Star of the Week:  Kebreab Bokure (introduced by Chris Kuttnig)

This week’s Sal’s Star recognizes a member of the ACCU team that puts the unit, team and patients first.  He has been a part of the core team since it’s opening in 2016. I’m proud to introduce this week’s Sal’s Star – ACCU HCA Kebreab Bokure.

Born in Ethiopia, he came to Canada in 2009 after living through war and conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea, East Africa.  After years of separation he was able to bring his wife and first child to Canada.

In Africa he was a teacher but coming to Canada he initially worked in construction. Kebreab wanted to become a nurse but trained first as an HCA while attempting to get accepted to a nursing program.  It was tough to get through courses and red tape all the while supporting his family and raising 3 children.  Nursing’s loss was our gain because Kebreab started working at St. Boniface in July of 2011 as an HCA.  He worked on E5 for 2 years, then A5 for 4 years and then ACCU since the unit opened in 2016. 

Kebreab is excellent at his job and is an integral part of the ACCU family. Patient care is always his priority.  He helps out before ever being asked.  Doctors comment on the good team especially “that guy” – if you have ever seen Kebreab in action during an emergency or code, you’d understand.  When chest compressions need to be done Kebreab is amazing – his skill and technique are exceptional – no Lucas device is needed when he’s around.  If the unit needs tidying or organization, Kebreab’s on it.  If you need advice about equipment or where equipment needs to live in our tiny space, he shares his ideas.  He contributes to problem solving often offering solutions.  He works long hours and does many double shifts but is always friendly and easy going.  He is a leader in the unit.  Thank you Kebreab for all you do.

Please join me in celebrating this week’s Sal’s Star, Kebreab Bokure.

This Week’s Faculty Publications

Kei Sato, Nicole White, Jonathon P Fanning, Nchafatso Obonyo, Michael H Yamashita, Vinesh Appadurai, Anna Ciullo, Meryta May, Elliott T Worku, Leticia Helms, Shinichiro Ohshimo, Dafsah A Juzar, Jacky Y Suen, Gianluigi Li Bassi, John F Fraser, Rakesh C Arora, COVID-19 Critical Care Consortium Investigators  Impact of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibition on mortality in critically ill COVID-19 patients with pre-existing hypertension: a prospective cohort study BMC Cardiovasc Disord. 2022 Mar 23;22(1):123. doi: 10.1186/s12872-022-02565-1.