By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

March 03, 2019

CSP In The News

The CSP got some press this weekend both in the Free Press and by CBC- focusing on our cardiac OR cancelations.

Both authors seemed to have tried to ascribe our surge in cancelations on the Government’s right-sizing initiatives. From my personal perspective, I agree with Real Cloutier’s view that the current state reflects (primarily) an aggravation of a longstanding issue relating to nursing staffing shortages – especially staffing of critical care units. It is important for members of CSP to appreciate that this issue is “front and centre” for both SBH and for WRHA and that we are making progress (although admittedly slow) in both short term and long terms fixes. Stay tuned.

CSP News

ACS Network Update. Effective March 11, 2019 at 08:00 hours there will a few changes to the STEMI RED process, specifically:
1) We will now use only one term for STEMI (whether EMS or from another ED). They will now be referred to CODE STEMI EMS or CODE STEMI Grace Hospital or HSC….
2) We now have a new STEMI/Stroke Access Line. The new STEMI/Stroke Access Line number is 204-986-2622 to arrange transport – when diagnosis is certain the ED physician will activate transport immediately
3) STEMI algorithms are being updated and will be circulated to include these changes asap.

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