By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

December 01, 2019

CSP News

Congratulations to the EP Team! The FIRST MRI scan ever done in Manitoba on a patient with a MRI conditional pacemaker was performed at St. Boniface Hospital this week!

Congratulations to Amy Harris Senior EKG Technologist at SBH on her completion of the Health Services Leadership and Management Course from Red River College!

National Physician Assistant Day was on Wednesday November 27, 2019. National Physician Assistant Day, celebrated the ongoing positive impacts being made Manitoba’s Physician Assistants and Clinical Assistants in their work with other health professionals. Though Physician Assistants were introduced in Canada through the Canadian Armed Forces approximately 40 years ago, they only began practicing within the Manitoba health-care system over the last two decades. As we all know our complement of CAs/PAs have integral roles in all aspects of the Program.

National Physician Assistant Day banner

For more information about National Physician Assistant Day go to or click here. For a Shared Health article celebrating the day, click here.

Publications by our Faculty this Week

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