Event Recorder

An event recorder is a small wearable device used to record the heart’s electrical activity when activated.

Why It’s Done

  • To assess the heart rhythm during symptoms (such as feeling faint).
  • Often done when symptoms are infrequent (not daily or several times a week)

How to Prepare

  • Do not use lotions, body oils, powdered or scented products before or during the test 
  • Wear a loose-fitting top or button front shirt
  • Bring a list of medicine(s) you are taking
  • Advise the staff if you have any skin allergies or sensitivities to tape or electrodes

What to Expect During the Test

  • Small areas on your chest may be shaved and prepared for a clear reading during the initial set up
  • Two or more electrodes (small sticky patches) will be placed on your chest and attached to wires that connect to the event monitor
  • The event monitor can be clipped to a belt, shirt pocket or bra 
  • A test strip will be recorded for demonstration
  • While wearing the monitor you will:
    • Go about your usual activities while wearing the monitor
    • Activate the monitor as shown when you have any symptoms
    • Record the date and describe your activity and symptoms in your patient diary (record sheet)
    • Remove the recorder and electrodes to shower or bathe (extra electrodes will be sent home with you to reapply as needed)

After the Test

  • The monitor and diary MUST be returned by the date agreed upon so other patients have access to the equipment for their tests
  • Do NOT remove the batteries
  • Do NOT cut the wires
  • Timelines for results may vary across the province

If you require further information, please contact the health facility/clinic that will be doing your test or your primary care provider