General Cardiac Surgery Clinics

The Cardiac Surgery Clinics are located in the Asper Institute, at St. Boniface Hospital. Once a referral for Cardiac Surgery has been received, the patient will be scheduled with one of the Cardiac Surgeons in this clinic. The surgeon will review their case during an in-person or telephone appointment with the patient. If surgery is required, this clinic will ensure all the necessary tests are ordered and completed in preparation for surgery. When all the results have been received, the patient’s information is sent to the Cardiac Surgery Pre-Operative Clinic (CPAC) to be seen by Cardiac Anesthesia in the Nurse Practitioner Clinic.

Once the surgery is completed, this Cardiac Surgery Clinic will also follow up with the patients to ensure continuity of care and provision.


Contact Information:

Address: CR1 – 369 Taché Ave, Winnipeg, MB, R2H 2A6
Phone: (204) 258-1852