Manitoba Thoracic Aortic Clinic (MTAC)

The Manitoba Thoracic Aortic Clinic (MTAC) was established in 2011 to provide quality, and timely care to individuals with thoracic aortic disease. We strive to assist patients and their family members to gain the appropriate information to make educated decisions related to their treatment options and the overall management of their disease. As the Provincial referral centre for patients with thoracic aortic disease, MTAC will provide a rich learning environment for all healthcare team members by focusing on clinical excellence, education and research.



 To provide high quality and comprehensive care to patients in Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, and Nunavut with thoracic aortic disease.  Emphasis is placed on patient assessment, efficacious diagnostic strategies, and therapeutic management, including medical, endovascular, and surgical approaches. Treatment of aortic disease often requires combined approaches which are tailored to individual patient needs. Ongoing follow-up, surveillance, and patient education regarding risk factors are essential components of aortic disease management. As the provincial referral centre, MTAC will collect clinical data for regular program evaluation as well as for academic research.

Physicians seeking to refer a patient to MTAC will complete the Cardiac Surgery Referral Form. The form along with completed test will be faxed to central surgical intake. The Cardiac Surgery Referral Form will be screened by the Director of Cardiac Surgery and appropriate cases will be sent to the MTAC physicians for review and triage. New referrals will be screened by the clinic nurses.  The clinic nurse(s) will call patients for a more detailed medical history to identify any high-risk conditions that require expedited assessments/visit. Referring physicians will be notified of patient acceptance by letter and an out-patient clinic appointment will be scheduled based on patient clinical status. Accepted patients will be contacted by phone or letter with a clinic appointment.


Clinic Hours and Contact Information:

Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. (except holidays)

Tel: 204-258-1811

Fax: 204-231-5493

Director: Dr Jonathan Hong

Nurses: Nicole Vermette & Kathy Hillstrom

Surgical Office Assistant: Mel Stecher


The following patients will be accepted by MTAC:

  • Diagnosed with or suspected connective tissue disease (Marfan Syndrome, Ehlers Danlos, Loeys-Dietz, Turner syndrome, Family History of Thoracic Aortic disease)
  • Diagnosed with an inflammatory process (Giant cell arteritis, takayasu arteritis) involving the aorta.
  • Aneurysm measures 45mm or more
  • Known bicuspid aortic valve and aneurysm of 45mm or more
  • Hospitalized following emergency aortic surgery or medical management for an aortic issue
  • Patients who have had prior elective or emergent aortic interventions (TEVAR, or open surgical repair) requiring routine follow-up and imaging surveillance
  • Absence of advanced or metastatic malignancy
  • Patient does not have moderate or severe dementia
  • Patient does not have a condition associated with a life expectancy <12 months

Patient Discharge Criteria

  • Advanced or metastatic malignancy
  • Not a candidate for an intervention
  • Severe dementia
  • Expected survival of < 12 months from other disease
  • Unwilling to have surveillance CT scans or other imaging
  • Unwilling to undergo an intervention

New patients referred to MTAC will be assessed for disease stability and will have an outpatient appointment booked with the cardiac surgeon depending on urgency. Patients will be followed through the virtual MTAC clinic or if deemed high risk a clinic appointment will be booked.

Patients who have undergone aortic surgery, either emergency or elective, will be followed through MTAC.