By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

October 04, 2021


During the ongoing stresses of the pandemic, it is even more important to recognize all of the members of the Cardiac Sciences community who, together, continue to provide outstanding care through this once-in-a-lifetime challenge.  This week we should especially recognize 2 of those disciplines: 

This week is Sonography Week (October 3-9).  Please join and celebrate their profession and the important role sonographers play in delivery quality healthcare.  Sonographer’s help clinicians make (( sound decisions )) [NOT my joke ☹].   This past year our echo sonographers have been in the spotlight as they successfully tackled our huge echocardiography waitlist and despite the pandemic, brought it back down to meet national benchmarks.  Thanks so much for what you have done and what you do for Cardiac Sciences.  Please go to their site to see the rundown of events

This week is also  Health Care Support Workers Week– a week to acknowledge all the hard work that our  units’ HCAs, UAs, Ward Clerks, Housekeepers, Kitchen, Laundry and Transport Workers do on a daily basis. Please help acknowledge all of our support workers who, although they  may not have a role in the spotlight in healthcare, really are the backbone of the Cardiac Sciences community.

Sals Star of the Week:  Adelina Principe  (introduced by Lisa Bowen)

This week’s Sal’s Star is a former RN of CSIU who is presently in the CCNOP course. 

Before coming to CSIU, Adelina Principe worked in the NICU and the Specialty Resource Team.  Even though she is no longer an official staff member on CSIU, she continues to pick up extra shifts on the unit.  This past weekend, she was scheduled to come in for an evening shift but when called, came in early to help  out the team who was struggling with short staffing and high acuity. Her assignment for the day included accepting a patient who was post op day 1 from his heart surgery from ICCS.  Upon his arrival Adelina noticed and diagnosed an issue with the patient.  She immediately escalated her findings to the clinical staff present which led to consulting appropriate services and the patient undergoing emergent surgery.  Adelina’s actions and vigilance prevented further worsening of the patient’s clinical condition and possibly death. These are just a couple of examples of her commitment to her coworkers and the patients we care for.

Thank you Adelina for your commitment to keeping our patients safe and congratulations on being named this week’s Sal’s Star!


Ahmad Khalil for 15 years of Service with M/R SG Cardiac Surgery St.B

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I hope you are staying safe and healthy.