By Dr. Ross Feldman,
Medical Lead,
Cardiac Sciences Manitoba

May 30, 2021


Sals Stars of the Week: Megan O’Brien (introduced by Dan Quinn)

Megan is the Program Team Manager for the Heart Cath Lab and Y2 Cardiac Specialty Care, two of the most complex and specialized areas in the hospital.

This week’s Sal’s Star goes to a very deserving recipient in Megan O’Brien. Megan brought her extensive experience in critical care and the Heart Cath Lab to this role when she took over this as PTM last year. These areas require multiple unique skill sets, and Megan uses both her technical expertise and calm, thoughtful management style to support staff in advancing their training and in helping coordinate patient flow and care on a daily basis. These areas have also faced great disruption and challenge during the pandemic, but Megan has been tireless in her innovative recruitment efforts, and always strives to go above and beyond for staff and patients alike. One recent example of Megan’s compassionate and dedicated approach was last week when a patient sadly passed away in one of the labs. Though the family lived several hours away and visitation at St. B is very limited at this time, Megan worked with multiple areas to find a place where the patient’s family could come and see their loved one a final time. Megan’s attention to ensuring patients and families receive high quality care is just one example of how she helps support those around her through complicated and challenging times. Megan is also an incredible baker– another skill appreciated by all of those who work with her. Congratulations Megan on being named this week’s Sal’s Star of the Week!

This Week’s Faculty Publications

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I hope you are staying safe and healthy.